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What is internet marketing and why it is important for business owners?

Internet Marketing is a process of advertising on the Web and the use of email to sells goods and services through eCommerce. Internet Marketing is often referred to as Online Marketing too. This marketing process makes use of numerous strategies in order to be successful.
The internet has numerous search engines where people are constantly looking for ways to solve their problems. Because 75% of internet users hardly ever scroll past the first page of search engines; taking action to get your website appearing on the first page gives it a better chance of generating traffic. These strategies are called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now, SEO is a process that takes time and therefore requires numerous strategies to achieve a high ranking.
Some of these processes are:
Facebook Ads
A study has shown that social media has a higher conversion rate than outbound marketing strategies. This means that Facebook Ads have a 100 % higher impact than most traditional marketing strategies. The platform allows business to increase their exposure by at least 80%.
Marketing efforts on social media are not limited to Facebook only. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat can be incorporated into your online marketing strategy.
Google AdWords
This tool allows businesses to advertise on search engines. When people search for something in Google, an ad is displayed based on the wording used by the searcher. These keywords trigger the ads that an advertiser created.
Keyword match options:
* Broad Match: This shows your ad whenever the relevant keyword is used. This reaches the most users.
* Negative Match: This stops your ad from appearing when your keyword is used.
* Phrase Match: When the exact phrase is used, your ad will appear.
* Exact Match: Your ad appears when a searcher uses a keyword that matches the exact phrase.
Google AdWords display campaigns reach 80% of internet users.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing is those efforts aimed at improving SEO. These include the creation of blog posts, Vlogs, Videos, Podcasts, and Webinars (to name a few). These need to be done consistently as it takes time to assist with ranking high through the implementation of your SEO strategy. Organic posts that generate numerous leads over time makes up 10% of all blog posts and generates at least 38% of website traffic. Visual content (such as images and videos) are more likely to be shared on social media platforms. These have higher engagement and leaves an impression as opposed to text. The video is shared 1200% more than other types of content, ensuring a high engagement rate.

With at least 81% of shoppers doing their research on a product online first; it is imperative that you have an internet marketing strategy in place. One that is flexible and easy to implement. Online marketing requires SEO to be successful and provides ROI. Internet marketing only works if it is implemented correctly and actioned consistently.

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