Gone are the days when the only source of income was going to an office every day from eight to five. You can still work from home and make enough money to cater for your bills and more. There are several ways to make money online, but blogging stands out. If you are interested in making money from the comfort of your home, keep reading.


With today’s technology, everyone is always surfing online. We all like taking part in online discussions. I know you do, especially on your favorite social media platform. Guess what? You can turn that into a business. You can turn those online discussions you are always having a profitable blog! I know that’s where the problem comes in. You might be asking yourself how to even start up a blog and what to talk about on that website.

It is simple, examine yourself, which topics do you find yourself discussing most of the times? What is the one thing that you have always loved? It could be food or traveling to new places or even fashion. Now make that your niche. Let it be the topic of your blog and set that website up! Imagine writing about something you really love and still make money out of it? Or telling people about an amazing place you just visited and get paid for that? All you need to do is put in some work. Write quality and consistent content to attract traffic. That is how the money will start flowing in.


· Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting someone’s product to your readers on your blog. This is done using a unique personal affiliate link you get once you have applied as an affiliate marketer with a company. You get a commission every time a reader clicks on the link or purchases that product. There are many affiliate programs out there including Amazon associates and affiliate accelerator.

· Ads

When you have the right traffic, companies will want to advertise their products on your website. They pay you just to display their advertisement on your website.

· Digital products

You can create your own digital product and sell them to get income. A good example is creating an EBook. You can also have online classes
where members have to pay a certain amount. That means more money in your pockets.

· Physical products

You could also have your own small enterprise where you sell physical products to your blog readers, by using your blog to market them.


Quit sitting on your potential and make start making money through blogging today!

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