Why Video Marketing is Better Than Text Marketing

Videos are way more effective than SMS. It is a cost-effective medium that delivers value for money while increasing brand awareness and recognition

Why Videos?
Videos are a very convenient and an effective way of interpersonal communication that engages customer better than SMS. Moreover, it also provides marketers with a versatile, eye-catching, and extremely shareable medium to reach their target audiences. From traditional TV commercials to today’s online video platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine and Vimeo, videos have become a part of our everyday lives.Today, almost all business types are using online video advertising to introduce their products and services; for it has more eye-catching elements that attract attention.

How Effective Are Videos?
Videos are way more effective than SMS. It is a cost-effective medium that delivers value for money while increasing brand awareness and recognition. If the moving images are paired well with voice and music, it creates a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. This will keep them engaged in a particular ad or message for a longer time and guiding them towards the purchase gateway.

Why choose Video over SMS
Rich multimedia platforms are always beneficial. Its attractive and moving images holds the audience’s attention while keeping them engaged and delighted. Its high impact, up to 40 seconds personalized video content is interactive that effectively demonstrates products and services with music, images, and text. As marketers, you can directly send customized greetings, promotional messages, wishes, and loyalty programs/schemes to the user’s phone inbox.

Whereas, SMS does not send personalized or rich multimedia messages that can help showcase products and services effectively. It even does not connect well with the customers because of its limited call-to-action options & word limit. Moreover, it has a higher chance of spamming. Therefore, these plain text messages are inefficient in creating much buzz about the brand among the target group.

Here are the top reasons why videos are better than SMS and it should be in your marketing plan:

Increased Customer Conversions & Retention
The main motive of using video marketing is to grab more prospects in less time and converting them to existing customers. This is simply because video advertising converts more customers towards a particular brand or product than SMS.

Higher Engagement
We’ve heard over and again that visual content has more impact and greater engagement power. It is because videos have the potentiality of capturing audience’s mind and intending them to watch more. The mobile video messaging platform is best in this regard. Its highly interactive content consist text, image, voice, video, links and multiple response options that keep the users’ engaged, delighted, retained and loyal.

Video explains it better
Be it launching a new product/service or creating brand awareness among the target audiences or just a festive greeting, videos are the most influential marketing tool of the time. It’s a great platform that is way better than plain text and static images. Moving and talking heads explains things better as they perfectly combine entertainment with information.

Video advertising is becoming more affordable and widespread with the growing advancement in Smartphones. To get the perfect cocktail for their business, marketers, and advertisers must start employing videos over SMS and other traditional means of advertisement in order to earn better ROI.

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